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A successful loyalty program should be easy and appealing to all customers. Most importantly, EVERYONE should be able to participate, regardless of technology level, age, status, gender or even location. Requiring smartphones, apps, scans, texts or cards to participate only limits the reach of your loyalty program. With SavePoints, every customer has the ability to participate in your rewards program.

To replace a conventional paper card and stamp approach, SavePoints allows your customers to collect loyalty points electronically on every purchase they have made. Transaction histories and information can be accessed easily with a few clicks on their mobile devices.

Everyone loves to be rewarded. With our loyalty scheme, rewarding your customers is ever so easy. Your business can personlise your own rewards through Customers who are eligible for rewards will be prompt with notifications sent to their Apps.

It is no secret that loyalty programs are effective marketing tools. It will strengthen relationships and enhance engagement with the customers, by truly listening, understanding and responding to their needs. With SavePoints, your business can seamlessly build a close connection with new and existing customers.

As SavePoints acts as a free and effective marketing catalyst for your business, business owners could see a direct positive impact on the sales figures immediately, with more customers returning on a frequent basis. What makes customers happy also makes your business happy, this is no doubt the key to success for every business.




per transaction



per month

Unlimited Branches


Investment on Loyalty Card

Unlimited Number Of Customers


Investment on Hardware & Software

Support iOS & Android

With existing loyalty system in today market, to turn 5 000 customers into loyalty customer, your investment is starting from $5 000 - $10 000 to print a card for each customer ($1 - 2$ per card).

Above investment excluded investment on hardware & software to read & store data.

Our Team in Cambodia

SavePoints is here because we saw a need. A need to make loyalty easily accessible to all customers and readily available at every business. We offer a program that fits each business's personality, culture, brand, and objectives in order to foster more personal relationships with their customers while simultaneously delivering meaningful customer analytics. We are taking the concept of "customer loyalty" , flushing out the add-ons and unnecessary hoops and breaking it down to its simplest parts: a business and its customers.


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